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Everyone takes their own experience from Castle Farm and we specialise in providing the flexibility and atmosphere for you to have the kind of break that you want.

Nearly 50% of our guests have already returned for a second visit and some have returned for three, four or more visits… What is that’s unique about these down to earth mountain retreats? Here’s what our guests have said about their own experience:

Jenny – Kent

Sarah, what can I add to what I have said before! Food – delicious. Mountain walks are fantastic. Relaxation and re-energised. This place is just magical but you are the special ingredient. Fabulous time again with you and the two Berties. Thank you to Joyce as well for a fantastic coaching session and the joy and fun she brings xxx

David & Natalie – Surrey

Had an absolutely fantastic time again, mostly relaxing by the fire and eating fabulous food. Thank you Sarah once again for this break from our hectic life. Very needed and much appreciated

Melanie – Germany

Approximately 270 days till June 2014!! (Editor’s note: Next visit…)


Perfect! Thank you!

Jackie – Lincolnshire

Thank you Sarah for a perfect holiday. Yummy food & cake, lovely food, so relaxing & enjoyable.

Qingyang & Miles – China

Beautiful place, beautiful food, beautiful time. Thank you for a wonderful time!

Tim & Margarent – Illinois, USA

Sarah: We’ve had a grand time. Thank you for a week of uninterrupted pleasure

Amber – London


Tim – Oxfordshire

Where on earth do I begin! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The setting, the company, the food, the cats. Oh, and the food again. Then the walks. Did I mention the food? A perfect oasis in my world. Thank you for creating it!

Melanie – Germany

When I was doing my countdown to come here, I had NO IDEA that what I would get was far beyond what I had hoped for. This is a place where I can just be myself. No pretending to be stronger than I feel or funnier than I am. Being amongst like-minded people that become friends within hours. A truly nourishing place in many ways. This is the happiest I’ve felt like in months. Thank you Sarah + Mountains + Bertie Cats!
Leave your worries behind and the mountains will do the rest!!! Change comes in many ways and forms. Sometimes you just have to sit still & let it happen (Fireplace and Berties can help)

Jeremiah – Palm Springs, California

Sarah, our time here was absolutely amazing! Having scheduled my first UK trip around your retreat, it was the best decision! The walks in surrounding mountains were breathtaking! Your hospitality was 5 star with amazing food, great conversation over soul warming open fire! Please always feel free to come visit CALIFORNIA if you’re ever in the States!

Louise S – London

Dear Sarah, I knew that I needed to be here, but I didn’t realise how much until I got here. I feel like I’ve been cleansed! You have taken your unique talents and contoured them to create something really special. Thank you from my heart and soul. You are a very clever and nurturing Sarah and this is the perfect place for the magic you create to happen. Thank you!! All my love and gratitude xx
P.S When can I come back?
P.P.S OMG. The food. THE FOOD!!!! Amazing. My belly salutes you.
P.P.P.S Joyce is AMAZING!!

Phil H – Gloucester

Sarah, thanks again for providing such a wonderful space. I have had such a relaxing time and it has been super special being able to share it with my new man :) The walks have been highly entertaining, from beautiful weather, gorgeous views, cheeky climbs, less beautiful weather, mud, cake, good company, mud, mud and a little more mud. And your food is to die for. I love it! We will spread the word in California and you will always be welcome for hikes in the San Jacintos.

Kathryn W, Surrey

Dear Sarah, Once again this holiday break has been exactly the nourishment I’ve needed. The mountains are the perfect backdrop to your hospitable, accepting, caring, wonderful offer – it’s great to have such a place to rely on coming to when you need it – Thank you so much.


Adam W – London

Sarah, thank you so much for such a wonderful break from city life. I thoroughly enjoyed the scrumptious food and your coconut rice pudding is to die for. And, I mustn’t forget the outstanding walking too. Thank you xx

Greg C – Winchester

Thank you Sarah, The blend of the place, activities etc. really works! The default setting here seems to be presence, healing, wholeness. Away from it all, surround by rugged natural beauty with space to think, be and remember who we are and what’s important. Good company, home cooked food and your touch and passion make me feel privileged to be here. I look forward to coming back

Margaret C

I just wanted to thank you so much for last weekend, it really was a good experience and I’ll definitely come again. Your care, skill and kindness is much appreciated and it was wonderful to feel so nurtured and safe in that beautiful environment. I look forward to cooking some of your wonderful recipes; and as Sharon has urged me to cut right back on wheat, I’ll be trying to make some Spelt bread next week – non yeasted for an extra challenge! Sarah, I think your whole approach to the wonderful work you’re doing speaks volumes about what a lovely person you are. Bless you for being you.

Anne W

I feel very proud to have achieved my ‘Mountain Goat’ badge! The alchemy of nature, good company, sublime food and treatments in the breathtaking setting worked wonders on restoring some life-balance. Sarah is living testimony that if you are true to yourself and do what you love you can create magic. Thanks for a wonderful stay – I’ll be back! xxx

Caroline S – Surrey

Thanks Sarah – it was what I wanted and more! For me – good home cooked food, great company, some coaching, and most importantly, great cats! =^..^=


Phil H – Gloucester

Sarah I’ve had such a wonderful time. It has allowed me space and time to think, talk and perhaps more importantly, create. Your guidance, fantastic scenic walks, delicious food, bread-making skills and warm hearted nature have been real soul food. Thank you.

Lisa C – Oxford

The sense of nourishment I now feel is down to the unique blend of wonderment that you have created here. Beautiful and powerful…

Keily G – London

Thank you thank you thank you xxx A blissful week, some truly beautiful walks, great company and lots of Bertie [The Cat] Cuddles! :-) Keep doing what you’re doing, and see you soon xxx

Derek H – London

Thank you Sarah for another wonderful week. Lots of hugs and time to think. Beautiful food and company. Keep doing your thing. It is selfless. Love your beautiful sprit.

Bruce D – London

Sorry for the repetition, but many thanks again. Already looking forward to next year for another anniversary visit.

Jenny C, Kent

Walks and views – breathe and relax. Fabulous food and company. Just be and remember who you really are. A fabulous break again. Thank you soooooooo much Sarah & Bertie Senior & Bertie Junior xxx :o


Julie K, Oxford

An amazing weekend of Bertie’s mountain and Sarah enveloping you in a warm, nourishing and spiritually uplifting hug! Walks, cake, cats, more cake and cats. Fabulous! Love to all who stay here. P.S. Did I mention cake? xx

Bruce D – London

Thank you for the magical mix of ingredients put together with seamless caring skill. I hope you let me back. Again many thanks, and obviously, a hug!


Where to start… this has been so what I needed: The views, the ambiance, the ‘away-from-it-all-ness,’ the wonderful food that so calmly and magically appeared, the log fire…. You have created a perfect space for people just to be – thank you so, so much. It’s been a joy to relax with other people ‘just being’ and have your quiet, wise support. The perfect recharge, refocus, relax…


Victoria & Paul

Sarah, thank you for a wonderful stay! We’ve had a lovely time. A very beautiful setting, it’s very relaxing here. We’ve enjoyed your company and that of the other guests, some great walking, fantastic food and the two Berties of course. Thank your for the footie indulgence! We will be back.

Keily G

Sarah, thank you another utterly relaxing and fun weekend. Time seems to stretch out and fly by all at once, and too soon it’s time to leave. Nourished once more. I look forward to returning soon.


With love, smiles and eternal gratitude to you Sarah, thank you.

JW, Cardiff

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help” It certainly does!! And reinforced by the views, walking, talking and great food. P.S. I recommend the Church Service – awesome! Thanks Sarah

Note – St. Mary’s Church Services are on first and third Sundays of every month in Capel-y-ffin. The front pew is full of Teddy Bears, the curate is a Black French Poodle called Jimmy, and Father Richard Williams provides a friendly service, accessible to all whether you see yourself as a church-goer or not: An informal service in a teeny, country church. Read more about the little church on the boundary


Dear Sarah, Thanks for introducing me to mother nature. Again I leave calmed, very happy and anxious for a return to your “special” farm. Many thanks.

Lisa & Steve

Sarah, thank you so much for looking afer us. The food was truly lovely and wholesome, the atmosphere welcoming and thoroughly relaxing. Stunning scenery, good company and a home from home – everything we could have wished for!

KG – Winchester

There is definitely magic at work here. Hills, hugs, happiness :-) – sad to leave. Thank you for a wonderful stay. Great food, great company, your infectious smile and sense of fun and adventure. I have laughed and cried. Bertie Junior and Senior, their mischief and cuddles. Wonderful walks… and those views :-) Love and hugs, I will be back! This place feeds the soul.

SJ – Abergavenny

Just wanted to thank you again for my brief, but heavenly break at Castle Farm. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to benefit from the skills of both yourself and Joyce – and plan to make it a 6 monthly trip. I can’t tell you how much I got out of that 24 hours!


BD – London

Thank you for letting me back. You have helped create some great moments that I will savour until next time

CS – London

Lovely to be here again. Really enjoyed the company, the walking, the relaxation, the opportunity to do what I wanted, and my vision board.

J&W – Lincolnshire

Thank you for an amazing few days and really taking us both “out of our box”. To say we have had a break from reality is really an understatement. Great food, great company, great countryside, great walks… and great cats. We will be back!!!

RR – St Albans

Very proud to have achieved intern-under-sous-commis-chef status at last, only needing to be supervised by two people to chop ginger. Loved it! Thank you x

SK – Birmingham

Thank you for a glorious long weekend: great company and food, stunning walks and the perfect place to relax and revive. Back for a week next time!

SW – Luton

Some favourite things about the last 5 days?

- Great company
- Incredible food!
- Matching large & small Berties
- Walking up a mountain
- The accidental glider show!
- Book-shopping in Hay…

Have to stop! My least favourite thing?

- Going home…

Thanks for an incredible break, Sarah!

D & N – Farnborough

Thank you so much Sarah for another fantastic holiday at the farm. Gorgeous food, great company, warm fire and lovely walks. Now feel relaxed and ready to face the world again! Looking forward to next time already.



JA – Reading

Another wonderful time at Castle Farm. Will be back – again.

AC – Gloucester

What a magical place… the people, the views, the calm, the genuine caring for everybody and everything. I entered a competition to win a relaxing weekend in Wales and got so much more. Will treasure my memories here for a very long time :) Thank you so very much.

JS – Gloucester

Can only agree with the above comments. Lovely location, reflexology was great and food was really good. Sarah, Laura and Joyce made us feel right at home and the whole farm area has made me very relaxed. Discovered a new part of the world which I would love to come back to again. All in all a lovely experience with Bertie getting a special mention for his company by the stream. Thanks again.


JL – London

The calm at the centre of the storm, Sarah, Joyce & Laura offer genuine warmth and what you get here is holistic healing – body, mind and soul. A beautiful location with beautiful people. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

JB – Taunton

This is a magial place! If fulfills its promise to relax, recharge and refocus, and delivers so much more. Engaging company, warmth, friendship, fab food, love, care and attention. Many thanks to Sarah, Laura and Joyce for making my second stay here as memorable as the first!

J&P – Oxford

Amazing place, amazing people, amazing food. Sarah, you have created a one-of-a-kind experience and it’s hand to heart :-) we will be back to see you, Joyce and the Berties! Thank you!

R&T – Oxford

We had a wonderful time at Castle Farm. T’s second and R’s first time. We loved the people: Sarah, Joyce, the other guests and the cats. Top food and great walking. We’ll be back with friends :-) Keep doing this and keep it chilled!

J&K – Ash

There are few places of complete respite in the world of busyness, but Castle Farm is top of the list. An amazingly magical mix of relaxed walking, chill out time, good food and joyous laughter! We’ll be back for more!


JW – Woking

What can I say? Feeling nourished… this place is food for the soul! Thank you to Sarah and all for creating this wonderful oasis.

DB – Chester

Sarah – you have created such a special place here at Castle Farm – so enjoyed the warmth, calm, peace and new friends. To say nothing of the fantastic walks and food! I will return…. both a threat and a promise! Many, many thanks

S&R – St Albans

Wow! This is place is a big fat cuddle – a hug-in-a-rug! Thank you so much Sarah, for allowing us to share this with you and all the other wonderful people here. There really is a great vibe, the views are breathtaking and the food was simply wonderful. Can’t wait to come back!

MP – Birmingham

I have had a fabulous time with a great bunch of people. The comination works brilliantly with your amazing skills: the paced walks were a revelation (no ego short-of-breath hills from now on!), the scrummy food (great veggie creations) and the options of treatments/coaching. All heaven…mmmm!! And not forgetting the new word in my vocabulary – ‘cheeky’ !! Will be back

N&D – Farnham

Had a fantastic time again. Wonderful people, majestic mountains and fantastic (again!) food. Thank you so much

Jenny C

Fabulous food, huge hugs, foot warming fires, views views and more views, relaxation :) Fantastic time in the mountains and lets not forget the walking and company

KW – Ash

Ahhhh…. Mmmmmm…. Ahhh…. Lost for words. Maybe my actions speak louder… second magical visit – and see you again in September. And probably for many more…. Mmmmmm

JH – St Albans

Weekends at Castle Farm are very special. The atmosphere is relaxed yet purposeful. The whole experience is filled with great conversation, wonderful food, fantastic walks and friendly people, the real luxury is in the choice. I can do as little or as much as I like – and that is just fantastic.

SM – Chesterfield

I have been lucky enough to spend time with Sarah as one of her clients, as a colleague and also (very luckily) at a couple of fabulous Castle Farm long weekends.

So, what’s The Castle Farm experience like? Well, imagine putting your everyday life on hold for a few (or more) days to spend some time chilling out and re-charging your batteries, meeting some new and interesting people and maybe doing some ‘stuff’ which you may or may not have done before (but only if you want to – no pressure!) like receiving coaching or having reflexology…

And then of course there are the walks in the beautiful and remote Black Mountains.

This all involves strenuous activity such as lighting / enjoying / watching roaring log fires (toasted marshmallows optional), eating home baked food fresh out of the Aga, great conversations over a glass or two of wine – and all within a breathtaking setting where only the sound of sheep will wake you in the morning.

Sarah is the calm leader and host behind the Castle Farm breaks and she uses her experience both as a coach and mountain leader to ensure that the atmosphere is one where you can just be yourself and get what you want from your stay – whether that’s walking in the mountains safe in the knowledge you are in the hands of an expert, relaxing and eating fantastic food (she’s a great cook), taking time out to reflect or having great conversations with coaches which might lead somewhere interesting…

Just writing about it makes me want to return sometime very soon…

AF – London

It’s strange to say, but before I visited Castle Farm I don’t know what I was looking for, in fact I booked myself in simply because I knew I wanted something slightly different from my usual weekend. Within two hours of arriving I knew exactly what I needed, genuine down time, space to think and amazing people to be with and talk to.

Once I got used to the lack of phone signal, email and internet, I wound down several gears and relaxed in a way I’d almost forgot was possible. Sarah creates an atmosphere and calmness at Castle Farm which is valuable and rare. I took the time to reorganise my priorities and to restart with renewed drive. The walking across the beautiful Black Mountains gave me a chance to chat with my fellow guests and also take time to get fresh air into my lungs and spring clean my life.

I can’t thank Sarah enough for providing such an amazing place, food, atmosphere, walks and space to think. I’ll be visiting regularly to recharge and refresh, and if you need a change of scenery and pace, I can’t recommend Castle Farm and Sarah highly enough.

LM – London

It was a perfect climate where I certainly felt able to move in and out of conversation with different people with an ease I don’t think I’ve ever experienced. A few other phrases come to mind:
great food, relaxed, free to do whatever suited you, no pressure to conform, fun (I’m def going to buy some of those balloons!), great company

LC – Bath

I came away with a fabulous sense of peace and wellbeing. It was, without a doubt, one of the best weekends away I’ve ever spent, I think the combo of the people, the scenery (and the (large amount of!) food!) made it the best experience ever.

I certainly came away with lots of ideas about what I love to do (i.e. be outdoors lots) and where my key strengths are (the ability to stay calm, think rationally and hold a space throughout a crisis are definitely now included on my CV!) and the best thing was having the chance to discover again what makes my heart sing with likeminded people!

I really enjoyed myself and had a bit of an self-revelation that has moved me on leaps and bounds.

Finally a big thank you for making it all so…. well…..darn easy

AB – Camberley

I had a lovely weekend – breathtaking scenery and inspiring company – thank you very much for organizing it so thoughtfully.

CF – Oxford

Enjoyed it all – the company, the beauty of the countryside, the quiet, getting away from it all, food, wine, toasting marshmallows in the open fire and even the walk up a mountain! It was great to meet you. Look forward to the next time.

K&J – Ash

What a wonderful few days. Lots of laughs. Huge hugs. Beautiful big mountain views and marvellous meals. Thank you!

JM – Farnham

THANK YOU!! For a wonderful weekend in paradise! The people, place, walks, scenery, food and of course you were a most welcome break. I am at present raving to everyone about my weekend and will hope to return there again soon!!

IM – Exeter

This is a place where spirituality lives in the beauty of the nature and in the soul of the people. This is a place where you are important. A place where dreams come true. Thank you very much! Look forward to coming back!

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